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About Us

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SuperPak is one of the most advanced avocado packing house in the country. It also has one of the highest capacity avocado grader and systems in Australia, capable of over 2 million trays per year throughput.

was formed by growers, for growers and the latest and most advanced technology has been incorporated into this facility, with the maximum labour saving and cost reducing packing, labelling and palletising equipment available. No other avocado co-op or communal packer comes close.

The Packing House features:

Over 2000 square metres of floor space with approvals and room to expand...
The latest in grader technology with over 100 tray drops for automatic accurate filling
4 lanes of grading from Premium/1st - to 2nds - to generics; 3 grades sorted at once!
• Automatic carton filling for bulks
Several cool rooms for receiving and despatch and extensions to be added soon
Automatic top tray fruit sticker labeling for better presentation
Inline labeling of fruit for seconds and super market chains as required
Automated tray kickoffs presorted to palletising areas
Computerised weighing of bins on receival
Pallet scanning for trays and despatch orders
Punnet wrapping for supermarket supply in 2, 3 and 4 packs of avocados
Full reporting of bins in, trays out, with full disclosure and accounting for rejects
Full reports of grower production, market sales price and associated costs
SQF2000 and HACCP certification and full traceability for Export or Australian markets
Don't pay for packing until your fruit is sold when marketed by AvoChoice
Available for contract packing in your box if desired
Shed and equipment investment initially in excess of $2.5 million - for our industries future
Expansions soon into Ripe-N-Ready facilities
Full exposure to all chains for supply of fruit as well as niche markets and more