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About Us

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SuperPak is pleased to be associated with Sunfresh Marketing, Avolution and our own marketing team who have a complete and holistic approach to marketing.  Having a team of marketers helps us all as they work to get the best market place prices which varies throughout the year.  Not everyone has the best price at any one time.

We also work with other marketing partners and can send your fruit to market in our branded carton or their carton.  You now have a choice! 

Our own distinctive premium brand AvoChoice and other brands of ours offers the retailers and wholesalers distinction and assured consistency. We are offering the buyers a long range of availability, in store promotions and support, research and development of new markets and new value added products. We believe you receive value for your money spent, as we are proactive in securing strong and profitable sales all season long.

SuperPak and Sunfresh are committed to a strong export focus and Sunfresh is the leader in the development of the export market from Asia to Europe, with tons of exports leaving our shores for several years now. New export opportunities are in development and this provides a price benefit to all when fruit is exported during the peak months.

SuperPak facilities were designed from the ground up and specifically to comply with stringent European requirements that position our operations for large scale packing in the standard 4kg carton under EU specifications. Advanced groundwork to secure entry and markets into many countries has already been completed by our partner.

We offer a FREE health and quality check for our growers.  Jim Carney is a horticultural consultant with Prime Orchards www.primeorchards.com.au and will come to your farm and do an assessment of your tree health and fruit quality with suggestions for improving fruit quality, yields and tree health... all for NO CHARGE for our customers!

Growers will need to ensure their farms are certified under one of the quality assurance programs either through Freshcare or SQF 2000 standards and certified as an approved supplier in order to provide fruit to SuperPak.

Each season a fruit sample is required to be tested at growers’ expense, and the results retained by SuperPak, which certifies the MRL levels are in compliance with the standards as published for avocados.

To ensure fruit quality with our customers and end user the consumer, we also require an independent testing of the dry matter for each variety of avocados and strongly encourage a dry matter of 21% for Shepard, 23% for Hass and 23% for Pinkerton but never less than the industry established standards on any sample.

It is important the grower maintain and have available complete spray diaries and records for all on farm food safety practices and can produce records which relate to the specific location of each pick.