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Avochoice was created for you. A premium brand for Australian grown Avocados.

Our packing services are available for growers who produce a quality product. We can pack your fruit and market under our AvoChoice brand and we believe you will find that your fruit attracts the premium prices it deserves and packed at the best price possible. If you are a member of Sunfresh or another major brand and wish your fruit to be packed in their boxes, we are happy to accommodate that.  

You may elect to pay us directly for packing fruit or have the packing charges deducted from the proceeds of one of the marketers we offer, or you select. 
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Through our partner Prime Orchards we are offering on farm consultation for a checkup on the condition of your orchard.  This service is free to our customers and Jim Carney is happy to offer free on farm consultation on tree health, nutrition, fruit fill and longevity tips and more, for a visit or two at no charge. 

Jim has engaged in agribusiness consulting for many years and has been growing avocados since 1984, also operating an arboreal tree service.  Providing advice from the ground up in establishing orchards, optimal fertilisation, canopy management, harvest management, disease management, water needs, practical budgeting estimates, and agribusiness direction.   Give us a call to schedule your free visit and see if an hour or two bouncing some ideas around would help you.

SuperPak is pleased to be associated with Sunfresh Marketing, Avolution and our own marketing team who have a complete and holistic approach to marketing.  Having a team of marketers helps us all as they work to get the best market place prices which varies throughout the year.  Not everyone has the best price at any one time. We also work with other marketing partners and can send your fruit to market in our branded carton or their carton.  You now have a choice! 

Our own distinctive premium brand AvoChoice and other brands of ours offers the retailers and wholesalers distinction and assured consistency. We are offering the buyers a long range of availability, in store promotions and support, research and development of new markets and new value added products. We believe you receive value for your money spent, as we are proactive in securing strong and profitable sales all season long.

We offer value adding including punnet wrapping, bagging, and in store promotions and demonstrations. Additionally we are pursuing several promising avenues for utilizing more of the 3rd grade fruit in spreads, pulps, catering, dips, and other uses for our highly nutritious product. Stay tuned…

Offered in limited scale previously and we hope to return as soon as practical.  This is only offered through subcontractors at the moment and is very successful, netting you a higher return on your product for around 50 cents a tray.

SuperPak has overseas markets for your fruit, primarily in Asia, but we have also exported to Europe in sea container when the dollar was more advantageous.  The smaller fruit is taken off the wholesale floor and improves the bottom line for the exported fruit and the local market.