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Avocado Packing Rates from 1 March 2016

We have more Great News this year!  We are spending $800,000 on vision grading and carton handling additions to the packing shed this season.  This is part of over a $1.5 million upgrade to expand our services and capacity!  This lowers our labour input and allows us to keep the same prices for packing as we had for the past 2 years.    We ask you to compare our prices to the competition for packing, freight and marketing and you should save on all three components!

includingTray and Liner in our branded cartons

Rate "A" - Per Tray Charge ( best rate for 10 bins or more)
72 trays average per bin
PACKING - INCLUDING bin use, dropped off and picked up from your farm
CHILDERS (up to 20km)
BUNDABERG (up to 40 km)
S. KOLAN (41-50k)
20 bin min. NAMBOUR
20 bin min KINGAROY
5.5kg Tray/Mod 8 & Insert
  10kg bulk at $4.25, Mod 6 tray $4.65, etc. + bin hire/movement if needed.

Packing Charge includes: Packing in our carton, liner if required, labels & stickers, washing, chemical treatments, palletising, consignment, despatch and cold storage.  Price does not include Statutory AHC Levy all growers must pay, transport to market and marketing fees (see below).

 FOR LESS than 10 bins, two consignments may be combined for 10 bin run

We can hold fruit from 2 consignments to meet minimum run of 5 bins or 10 bins, for up to 48 hours, at our discretion as work flow permits. Minimum Bin pickup charge is for 5 bins (most areas), but grower may send in less, i.e. if only sending in 4 bins, the minimum of $35 still applies.
If pack run is less than 10 full bins, a surcharge applies: 5-9 bins add .20 per tray; 1-4 bins add .40 per tray

You may choose who to market with through our packing shed, but we encourage you to market through us to get you the best price for your fruit.  If you select our branded carton, you can be assured you are getting the same price return we are.  We will be placing your fruit in all chainstores, wholesale markets, providores, etc with the best deals available across a large spectrum of buyers.  Your grower payments will be paid through us weekly and your packing charges deducted from those payments. 

Your Marketing fee is set at a maximum of 5%.  If we use another marketer for some of your fruit what ever they charge will be absorbed by us - so you will not pay any more for us marketing if we utilise them - we deduct their cost from the marketing fee we charge.   If you choose to market through a brand other than ours and not use our carton/brand, we charge .40 cents more per tray/carton, to accommodate line changes and carton handling and storage. 

Consignment costs to the markets are included in our packing charge when marketing through us and our marketing partners.  Marketing through SuperPak is NOT required and you may self market.  One consignment per  batch run is included at no charge and each additional consignment destination is $50 when self marketing.   

  Bin Transport Calculations INCLUDED in above regional charges:
(Included in above rate)  Bin Charge Rate (each or * = total)
Region MINIMUM* 5-9 bins ea 10 bins ea
A-Childers within 20km radius
35.00* 7.00 6.00
B-Bundaberg in 40km radius
40.00* 8.00 7.00
C-Gin Gin Kolan in 50k radius
100.00* 11.33 11.00
D-Gympie (within 150k radius)
250.00* 27.78 25.00
$500 20 bin min 25.00
F-Maleny $500 20 bin min 25.00
G-Kingaroy (in 200km radius)
$500 20 bin min 25.00

FREIGHT to Market
Freight to to and from your farm to pick up our bins is included in the regional rate chart above, relative to your area, and DOES include fuel surcharge.  You may alternatively elect to self deliver and that rate is listed above as the "Base Rate".

We have invested in transport to keep your costs down.  We utilise our affiliated company OrchardLink for competitive freight to markets and if using SuperPak for marketing, no despatch fees are added.

What it means for you...

Best prices to pack and best returns on fruit sold through our proven marketing system and partners. Because of our specialized grading equipment, cost saving carton handling & stickering, with high volumes, we can offer the best price! We also offer the industry recognized, best marketing companies selling your fruit, netting you the highest returns and still at the best price! We offer value added products such as punnets, ripening programs, year round fruit availability, etc to ensure our market share is premium.

 We expect to hold all prices through 2016 season, but all casual rates subject to change with 14 days notice and will be announced on this page. For written quote contact on packing charges contact Eric.  Last change 21 June 2016